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Some ads can turn out to be escorts with others potentially being scams

Some ads can turn out to be escorts with others potentially being scams

  • Vue Bar, 199 Huangpu Rd at The Hyatt
  • Judy`s, 142, Tong ren Road, Near Nanjing West Rd
  • Manhattan Bar, 154 Nanyang Lu
  • Myst Club, 1123 Yanan Middle Rd
  • M2 at Hong Kong Plaza, 4/F, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu
  • Le Baron at 7F, 20 Donghu Lu
  • Celia at 298 Xingfu Lu
  • The Shelter, 5 Yongfu Rd Xuhui
  • Zapata’s, 11 Dongping Rd

Nanjing Road

One of the city’s busiest streets there are lots of people to be found here both day and night but as the streets light up, it really comes to life. The whole area is full of shopping malls, traditional eateries and independent shops which attracts a lot of tourists as well as locals.

Daygame Spots

The daygame in Shanghai isn’t great and, for some reason, the local women here aren’t as open to being hit on when the sun is up. That’s not to say that you can’t try it but attempts will often be met with amusement or open hostility.

If you fancy trying your chances for a Shanghai hookup, we’ve given you some ideas below but perhaps sticking to tourist pick ups during the day might be more fruitful.

People’s Square

A popular place for tourists there are a lot of English-speaking Chinese locals who head to People’s Square in Huangpu District which makes it an ideal place to chat to women. It’s usually bustling with things to do and plenty of activities making it a pleasant enough place to spend some time.

Just be aware that there are regular ‘marriage markets’ held in the square so don’t get caught up in one of those by accident!

The Bund

One of the most popular places to head for meeting tourists, this waterfront area of Shanghai is full of shopping areas and eateries. It has a relaxed kind of vibe to it but isn’t really a local’s scene.


Shopping malls offer a really relaxed environment to meet Shanghai girls and there are plenty of them in the city, each offering a choice of cafes and places to hangout whilst you look out for a good opportunity.

Of those in the Shanghai worth going, we can recommend the IFC; an upmarket mall that attracts a lot of international visitors, any girls who come here will often speak good English.

Super Brand Mall is one of the biggest malls around, a lot of fashionable girls tend to hang out here especially on the weekend and they are usually in groups so you’ll need to be bold.

Situated in the Huangpu District (so, not far from People’s Square), the Yuyuan Bazar is another popular shopping mall but one which gets a lot more locals.

Other places to try your luck include Plaza 66 in Jing’an and Longemont, also known as Cloud Nine in Changning.

Language Exchange

Sort of like speed dating but for people looking to learn Mandarin or English, these classes couple up locals with native English speakers for educational purposes. It might not be the most common way to meet girls in Shanghai but it does offer an excellent opportunity to start chatting to some…and maybe you can learn some Chinese into the bargain.


If you are having difficulty in meeting women in Shanghai then you could try the classified ads to see if there are any opportunities in the city. Be aware that most of these are unverified ads and results can vary. Just use your common sense and recognize that these are more for casual encounters than for serious dating.

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